The institute has recently created additional professional departments to cater for research activities, conferences and training programs. As part of its activities to facilitate collaboration with relevant Research Institutions and organizations, the Institute is making efforts to coordinate academic research and conferences both within and outside the University. Accordingly, the Institute has three professional Departments working to coordinate development research and proposal as well as conferences, publications and the application of research finding to development activities. This is aimed at ensuring that the University is constantly exploring and generating information, analysis and offering advice on key development issues.  The Institute’s research agenda is in two major areas.
One is scholarly research that contributes to global discourses of development. It is therefore concerned to shape the analytical frames, especially from a contextual perspective that is relevant to the Nigerian environment.  In this sense therefore, the Institute’s research is a critical one of interrogating dominant development theories.

The second trajectory of research is policy oriented. This sort of research both assesses with hindsight and is proactive in the way it envisages and judges policy implications so that relevant authorities may work towards the mitigation of negative effects on citizens.   This is done with the aim of providing empirical data towards proper policy designs for development to take place based on our local realities.

IDR&T Research Clusters

Title Name  

Agriculture-and-Rural Development


Prof. B.D Kashina  

Peace; Security and Early Warning Systems.

Dr. M. Faal  

Climate-and-the Environment

Prof. I.M. Jaro  

Transitional-Justice-and Reconciliation

Democracy, Good Governance and Capacity Building Prof. M. Gwadabe  


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