1.      Diploma in Mass communication

Entry Requirements:

5 credits in WAEC/NECO SSCE/GCE ‘O’ level papers including the followings:

(i)                 English Language

(ii)               Economics or commerce

(iii)             Government or History

(iv)              Hausa or English Literature

(v)                IRK/CRK, Civics or Geography

            Also, a minimum of ‘pass’ in Mathematics is required.

            Duration: 4 semesters (2 sessions)

            Fees: N55, 500.00 per session.

2.      Diploma in international Relations and Strategic Studies


Entry Requirements:

(i)                 5 credits at ‘O’ Level including English, Government/History

(ii)               At least a pass in Mathematics

Duration: 4 semesters (2 sessions)

Fees: N41, 500.00 per session

3.       Diploma in Social Work and Development Studies

Entry Requirements:

(i)                 5 credits at ‘O’ level including English.

(ii)               At least a pass in mathematics.


            Duration: 4 semesters (2 sessions)

            Fees: N45, 000.00 per session

4.      Diploma in Industrial Design with Specialization in one of the following:


(i)                 Ceramics

(ii)               Textile Design and Reproduction

(iii)             Textile Fashion Design

(iv)              Graphics Design and Illustration

(v)                Glass Technology

(vi)              Laboratory Glass Blowing


Entry Requirements:

(a)   For (i) –(iv) above, they are

(i)                 A  minimum of 4 credit passes from WAEC or NECO obtained in not more than two sittings which  must include English as well as Fine Arts or Technical Drawings or Creative  Arts or Clothing and Textile OR

(ii)               Grade II Teachers’ Certificate with 4 credit passes, including English, OR

(iii)             G.C.E with 4 passes at Credits level, including English, OR

(iv)              Certificate in Ceramics or Graphics or Textile Design and Production or Textile Fashion Design from recognized institutions pass at merit level, plus 4 relevant credits passes, including English

(b)   For (v) and (vi) under item 4 above, they are

(i)                 Minimum of 4 credits passes from WAEC/NECO, which must include  English and Chemistry or Physics

(ii)               Certificate in Glass Technology passed at merit level + credit in English


              Duration: 4 Semesters (2 sessions)

Fees: N45, 500. Per session for (i) – (iv) under 4 above and

           N53, 000.00 per session for (v) & (vi) under 4 above.


       Applications should be on-line on payment of the prescribed application fee (i.e. N2, 500.00). Candidates are to visit A.B.U. Portal, http://forms.abu.edu.ng/otherforms/ and generate Transactions ID, with which they will proceed to the bank to pay before coming back to the portal to fill the form.