Electronic Teaching and Learning Platform Resources

Interactive LED Screen, Vision Visualizer, Desktop Server and touch screen.

Interactive LED Screen.

e-Teaching Class Located at Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science.

Facilitator and participants during e-Teaching training.

e-teaching class in session.


Description Of Facilities

Facilities Usage / Location

Interactive Touch screen

Used by lecturers and researchers as a teaching resource (e-learning).

It is also used as teleconferencing and video conferencing facilities.


Visualizer/Document Camera

The facilities are located at Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science and faculty of Medicine.

The Facilities are located at seven (7) different locations within the two faculties.



Wifi Modem  

Interactive LED Screen: A hardware, much like a standard whiteboard, that connects to a computer in the classroom (micro teaching lab) to make a powerful learning tool.
When connected, the interactive LED Screen becomes a touch sensitive version of the computer screen. Some of the advantages of the interactive LED Screen include:

Powerful teaching aid

Promote creative teaching


Interactive Teaching


Runs any software application

Interactive Cameras

Multi Touch

Fast access to Information.




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